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Be the first to uncover the secrets behind this special hole.

A Book That Makes You See Things

Be the first to uncover the
secrets behind this special hole.

"Hi, I'm A Book. With A Hole."

You have probably noticed something very specific about this book – me, the hole. I’m actually its main character.

Why would somebody want to have a product, a book with a hole in it? Because… I will take you on a journey to show you that you can create things out of nothing.  And who is better here to teach you this than me, the hole - seemingly very ordinary and empty from the inside - but don’t judge things by their appearance.  

About The Project

How it all started…

Boris, co-author:

"Years ago, I did six simple sketches of some ideas centered around a hole made in a piece of carton. I was trying to present "out of the box" thinking. And then… I stopped. Somehow I didn't know how to continue. So I left them to collect dust on one of my shelves.

Until one day, Hana, my daughter said: "Do you remember those six sketches you did years ago? 

We should make something meaningful out of them. I have got a few ideas on how we can further develop those sketches into a product that could make a difference in people's lives." 

That was the birth of this book, the beginning of the Hole Journey."

The Hole Book
Will Show You How To


CREATE extraordinary things out of ordinary ones


APPLY out-of-the-box thinking 


BOOST your imagination


SEE THINGS differently

through an uplifting story


HAVE FUN playing the game & even cutting its pages

Be the first to uncover the secrets behind this special hole.

Meet The Creators

"We're Boris, aka dad and Hana, aka daughter. With this book, we want to present "out of the box" thinking in a very simple way that could be understood by everyone - from child to adult."

More About Authors

Hana was creative from an early age. She had a habit of closing herself in the room for endless hours, creating her lively illustrations. She was selling them at some town squares when she was about seven.


Even though we had a perfect father-daughter relationship most of the time, there was a point when each of us lived in a different world. Once we started working on our project, we noticed how connected we became. So connected that, at moments, it felt like we were reading each other thoughts.

We started looking at each other differently, definitely much more connected.

At that time, we were sure we were creating A Book That Makes You See Things Differently.

Our Vision

"Oh, no, it sounds so official, let’s make it":

We Want

You, whether you are an adult, a teenager, or a child to walk the path to an extraordinary life.

But how?

This product will show you how to create extraordinary things out of ordinary ones by using a very special tool you were given at birth – your imagination.

What People Say

Inspiring, creative, interactive. It's really gives you another point of view.

Suzana, Slovenia

Join The Hole Journey

As an Early Bird on Kickstarter, get a book at a discounted price plus a gift.

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